HttpRelayTransportElement HttpRelayTransportElement HttpRelayTransportElement Class


Represents a configuration element that specifies an HTTP transport for transmitting SOAP messages.

public class HttpRelayTransportElement : System.ServiceModel.Configuration.TransportElement
type HttpRelayTransportElement = class
    inherit TransportElement
Public Class HttpRelayTransportElement
Inherits TransportElement


HttpRelayTransportElement() HttpRelayTransportElement() HttpRelayTransportElement()

Initializes a new instance of the HttpRelayTransportElement class.


AllowCookies AllowCookies AllowCookies

Gets or sets a value from the configuration file that indicates whether the client accepts cookies and propagates them on future requests.

BindingElementType BindingElementType BindingElementType

Gets the type of binding. (Overrides BindingElementExtensionElement.BindingElementType.)

IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic

Gets or sets whether the relay binding is dynamic.

KeepAliveEnabled KeepAliveEnabled KeepAliveEnabled

Gets or sets a Boolean value from the configuration file that indicates whether to make a persistent connection to the internet resource.

MaxBufferSize MaxBufferSize MaxBufferSize

Gets or sets the maximum size of the buffer pool from the configuration file.

Properties Properties Properties

Gets a ConfigurationPropertyCollection instance that contains a collection of ConfigurationProperty objects that can be attributes or ConfigurationElement objects of this configuration element. (Overrides TransportElement.Properties.)

ProxyAddress ProxyAddress ProxyAddress

Gets or sets a URI in the configuration file that contains the address of the proxy to use for HTTP requests.

ProxyAuthenticationScheme ProxyAuthenticationScheme ProxyAuthenticationScheme

Gets or sets the authentication scheme used to authenticate client requests that are processed by the HTTP proxy.

RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType

Gets or sets the relay client authentication type stored in the configuration file.

TransferMode TransferMode TransferMode

Gets or sets a value from the configuration file that specifies whether messages are buffered or streamed on a request or response.

UseDefaultWebProxy UseDefaultWebProxy UseDefaultWebProxy

Gets or sets a value from the configuration file that indicates whether the machine-wide proxy settings are used rather than the user-specific settings.


ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement) ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement) ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement)

Applies the settings of this configuration element to the specified binding element.

CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement) CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement) CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement)

Copies the properties of the specified extension element to this configuration element.

CreateDefaultBindingElement() CreateDefaultBindingElement() CreateDefaultBindingElement()

Creates a binding element from the settings in this configuration element.

InitializeFrom(BindingElement) InitializeFrom(BindingElement) InitializeFrom(BindingElement)

Initializes this binding configuration element with the content of the specified binding element.

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