MessageSecurityOverRelayHttpElement MessageSecurityOverRelayHttpElement MessageSecurityOverRelayHttpElement Class


A configuration element that describes the message security over the Azure Service Bus relay, using an HTTP transport mechanism.

public class MessageSecurityOverRelayHttpElement : System.Configuration.ConfigurationElement
type MessageSecurityOverRelayHttpElement = class
    inherit ConfigurationElement
Public Class MessageSecurityOverRelayHttpElement
Inherits ConfigurationElement


AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite

Gets or sets from the configuration file the message encryption and key-wrap algorithms used to secure an HTTP message.

ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType

Gets or sets from the configuration file the type of credential to be used when performing client authentication using message-based security or TransportWithMessageCredential.

NegotiateServiceCredential NegotiateServiceCredential NegotiateServiceCredential

Gets or sets from the configuration file a Boolean value that specifies whether the service credential is provisioned at the client out-of-band, or is obtained from the service to the client through a process of negotiation.

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