NetTcpRelaySecurityElement NetTcpRelaySecurityElement NetTcpRelaySecurityElement NetTcpRelaySecurityElement Class


Represents a configuration element that configures the security for a net TCP service through the Azure Service Bus relay.

public ref class NetTcpRelaySecurityElement sealed : System::Configuration::ConfigurationElement
public sealed class NetTcpRelaySecurityElement : System.Configuration.ConfigurationElement
type NetTcpRelaySecurityElement = class
    inherit ConfigurationElement
Public NotInheritable Class NetTcpRelaySecurityElement
Inherits ConfigurationElement


NetTcpRelaySecurityElement() NetTcpRelaySecurityElement() NetTcpRelaySecurityElement() NetTcpRelaySecurityElement()


Message Message Message Message

Gets a configuration element that represents the message security settings for the NetTcpRelayBinding.

Mode Mode Mode Mode

Gets or sets an XML value that describes whether message-level or transport-level security is used by an endpoint configured with NetTcpRelayBinding.

RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType

Gets or sets the authentication type required for the client to present to the Azure Service Bus when sending messages.

Transport Transport Transport Transport

Gets the transport security setting for the NetTcpRelayBinding.

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