SharedSecretElement SharedSecretElement SharedSecretElement SharedSecretElement Class


A configuration element that specifies the credentials for a service or client endpoint that is configured to use the SharedSecretTokenProvider credential type.

public ref class SharedSecretElement : System::Configuration::ConfigurationElement
public class SharedSecretElement : System.Configuration.ConfigurationElement
type SharedSecretElement = class
    inherit ConfigurationElement
Public Class SharedSecretElement
Inherits ConfigurationElement


IssuerName IssuerName IssuerName IssuerName

Gets or sets the issuer name.

IssuerSecret IssuerSecret IssuerSecret IssuerSecret

Gets or sets the issuer secret key.

Properties Properties Properties Properties

Gets the properties of this configuration element that contain the issuer name and the issuer secret key.

TokenScope TokenScope TokenScope TokenScope

Gets or sets the token scope.


CopyFrom(SharedSecretElement) CopyFrom(SharedSecretElement) CopyFrom(SharedSecretElement) CopyFrom(SharedSecretElement)

Copies the contents of the specified shared secret configuration element to this configuration element.

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