TcpRelayTransportElement TcpRelayTransportElement TcpRelayTransportElement TcpRelayTransportElement Class


Specifies a configuration element that causes a channel to transfer messages on the TCP transport when it is included in a custom binding. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class TcpRelayTransportElement sealed : Microsoft::ServiceBus::Configuration::ConnectionOrientedTransportElement
public sealed class TcpRelayTransportElement : Microsoft.ServiceBus.Configuration.ConnectionOrientedTransportElement
type TcpRelayTransportElement = class
    inherit ConnectionOrientedTransportElement
Public NotInheritable Class TcpRelayTransportElement
Inherits ConnectionOrientedTransportElement


TcpRelayTransportElement() TcpRelayTransportElement() TcpRelayTransportElement() TcpRelayTransportElement()

Initializes a new instance of the TcpRelayTransportElement class.


BindingElementType BindingElementType BindingElementType BindingElementType

Gets the type of this binding element.

ChannelInitializationTimeout ChannelInitializationTimeout ChannelInitializationTimeout ChannelInitializationTimeout

Gets or sets the maximum time the channel can be in the initialization status before being disconnected.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
ConnectionBufferSize ConnectionBufferSize ConnectionBufferSize ConnectionBufferSize

Gets or sets the size of the buffer used to transmit a part of the serialized message on the wire from the client or service.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
ConnectionMode ConnectionMode ConnectionMode ConnectionMode

Gets or sets the connection mode stored in the App.config file for this configuration.

ConnectionPoolSettings ConnectionPoolSettings ConnectionPoolSettings ConnectionPoolSettings

Gets or sets an XML value that describes the connection pool settings for the current instance.

HostNameComparisonMode HostNameComparisonMode HostNameComparisonMode HostNameComparisonMode

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the hostname is used to reach the service when matching on the URI.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic

Gets or sets whether the relay binding is dynamic.

ListenBacklog ListenBacklog ListenBacklog ListenBacklog

Gets or sets an XML value containing the maximum number of queued connection requests that can be pending.

MaxBufferSize MaxBufferSize MaxBufferSize MaxBufferSize

Gets or sets the maximum size of the buffer to use.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
MaxOutputDelay MaxOutputDelay MaxOutputDelay MaxOutputDelay

Gets or sets the maximum interval of time that a part of a message or a full message can remain buffered in memory before being sent out.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
MaxPendingAccepts MaxPendingAccepts MaxPendingAccepts MaxPendingAccepts

Gets or sets the maximum number of pending asynchronous accept threads that are available for processing incoming connections on the service.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
MaxPendingConnections MaxPendingConnections MaxPendingConnections MaxPendingConnections

Gets or sets the maximum number of pending connections.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
Properties Properties Properties Properties

Gets a ConfigurationPropertyCollection instance that contains a collection of ConfigurationProperty objects that can be attributes or ConfigurationElement objects of this configuration element.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)
RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType RelayClientAuthenticationType

Gets or sets an XML value that contains the relay client authentication type.

TransferMode TransferMode TransferMode TransferMode

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the messages are buffered or streamed with the connection-oriented transport.

(Inherited from ConnectionOrientedTransportElement)


ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement) ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement) ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement) ApplyConfiguration(BindingElement)

Applies the settings of this configuration element to the specified binding element.

CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement) CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement) CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement) CopyFrom(ServiceModelExtensionElement)

Copies the content of the specified configuration element to this configuration element.

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