WindowsElement WindowsElement WindowsElement WindowsElement Class


Represents the windows element for the configuration of the service bus.

public ref class WindowsElement : System::Configuration::ConfigurationElement
public class WindowsElement : System.Configuration.ConfigurationElement
type WindowsElement = class
    inherit ConfigurationElement
Public Class WindowsElement
Inherits ConfigurationElement


Domain Domain Domain Domain

Gets or sets the domain.

Password Password Password Password

Gets or sets the password.

Properties Properties Properties Properties

Gets or sets the collection of configuration properties.

StsUris StsUris StsUris StsUris

Gets or sets the collection of security token service (STS) URI.

UseDefaultCredentials UseDefaultCredentials UseDefaultCredentials UseDefaultCredentials

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to use default credentials.

UserName UserName UserName UserName

Gets or sets the username.


CopyFrom(WindowsElement) CopyFrom(WindowsElement) CopyFrom(WindowsElement) CopyFrom(WindowsElement)

Copies the specified windows element into the current instance.

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