WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement Class


Provides a base class for theWSHttpRelayBindingElement configuration element that specifies a binding that supports distributed transactions and secure, reliable sessions.

public ref class WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement abstract : System::ServiceModel::Configuration::StandardBindingElement
public abstract class WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement : System.ServiceModel.Configuration.StandardBindingElement
type WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement = class
    inherit StandardBindingElement
Public MustInherit Class WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement
Inherits StandardBindingElement


WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement() WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement() WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement() WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement()

Initializes a new instance of the WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement class.

WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement(String) WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement(String) WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement(String) WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement(String)

Initializes a new instance of the WSHttpRelayBindingBaseElement class with the specified name.


IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic

Gets or sets whether the binding base element is dynamic.

MaxBufferPoolSize MaxBufferPoolSize MaxBufferPoolSize MaxBufferPoolSize

Gets or sets the maximum size of the buffer pool that stores messages processed by the WSHttpRelayBinding binding.

MaxReceivedMessageSize MaxReceivedMessageSize MaxReceivedMessageSize MaxReceivedMessageSize

Gets or sets the maximum size for messages received on a channel configured with the WSHttpRelayBinding binding.

MessageEncoding MessageEncoding MessageEncoding MessageEncoding

Gets or sets whether MTOM or Text/XML is used to encode SOAP messages.

Properties Properties Properties Properties

Gets a collection of properties of this binding configuration element.

ProxyAddress ProxyAddress ProxyAddress ProxyAddress

Gets or sets the URI address of the HTTP proxy.

ReaderQuotas ReaderQuotas ReaderQuotas ReaderQuotas

Gets constraints on the complexity of SOAP messages that can be processed by endpoints configured with the WSHttpRelayBinding binding.

ReliableSession ReliableSession ReliableSession ReliableSession

Gets a StandardBindingOptionalReliableSessionElement configuration element that represents an optional configuration setting for WS-Reliable messaging defined in the WSHttpRelayBinding binding.

TextEncoding TextEncoding TextEncoding TextEncoding

Gets or sets the character encoding that is used for the message text.

UseDefaultWebProxy UseDefaultWebProxy UseDefaultWebProxy UseDefaultWebProxy

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the auto-configured HTTP proxy of the system should be used, if available.


InitializeFrom(Binding) InitializeFrom(Binding) InitializeFrom(Binding) InitializeFrom(Binding)

Initializes this binding configuration element with the content of the specified binding.

OnApplyConfiguration(Binding) OnApplyConfiguration(Binding) OnApplyConfiguration(Binding) OnApplyConfiguration(Binding)

Applies the settings of this configuration element to the specified binding.

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