EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode Enum


An enumeration type that specifies the modes of security that can be used with BasicHttpRelayBinding.

public enum EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode
type EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode = 
Public Enum EndToEndBasicHttpSecurityMode


Message Message Message 2

Security is provided using WS-Security SOAP message security. For the BasicHttpRelayBinding, the system requires that the server certificate be provided to the client separately. The valid client credential types for this binding are UserName and Certificate.

None None None 0

Messages are not secured during transfer.

Transport Transport Transport 1

Security is provided using HTTPS. The service must be configured with SSL certificates. The SOAP message is protected as a whole using HTTPS. The service is authenticated by the client using the service’s SSL certificate. The client authentication is controlled through the ClientCredentialType.

TransportWithMessageCredential TransportWithMessageCredential TransportWithMessageCredential 3

Integrity, confidentiality and server authentication are provided by HTTPS. The service must be configured with a certificate. Client authentication is provided by means of SOAP message security. This mode is applicable when the user is authenticating with a UserName or Certificate credential and there is an existing HTTPS deployment for securing message transfer.

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