NamespaceState NamespaceState NamespaceState Enum


Enumerates the different namespace states.

public enum NamespaceState
type NamespaceState = 
Public Enum NamespaceState


Activating Activating Activating 3

The namespace is being activated.

Active Active Active 5

The namespace is active.

Created Created Created 2

The namespace is created.

Creating Creating Creating 1

The namespace is being created.

Disabled Disabled Disabled 7

The namespace is disabled.

Disabling Disabling Disabling 6

The namespace is being disabled.

Enabling Enabling Enabling 4

The namespace is being enabled.

Failed Failed Failed 12

Creating the namespace failed.

Removed Removed Removed 11

The namespace is removed.

Removing Removing Removing 10

The namespace is being removed.

SoftDeleted SoftDeleted SoftDeleted 9

The namespace is deleted.

SoftDeleting SoftDeleting SoftDeleting 8

The namespace is marked for deletion.

Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The namespace is unknown.

Updating Updating Updating 13

Creating the namespace failed.