UnavailableReason UnavailableReason UnavailableReason Enum


Specifies the reason for the unavailability of the service.

public enum UnavailableReason
type UnavailableReason = 
Public Enum UnavailableReason


InvalidName InvalidName InvalidName 1

The name of the service is invalid.

NameInLockdown NameInLockdown NameInLockdown 4

The name of the service is in lockdown.

NameInUse NameInUse NameInUse 3

The name of the service is in use.

None None None 0

No reason defined.

SubscriptionIsDisabled SubscriptionIsDisabled SubscriptionIsDisabled 2

The service subscription is disabled.

TooManyNamespaceInCurrentSubscription TooManyNamespaceInCurrentSubscription TooManyNamespaceInCurrentSubscription 5

Too many namespace is in current subscription.

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