EventHubReceiver.PrefetchSizeInBytes Property


Gets or sets the maximum size (in bytes) in total that any receive operation will actively cache. The size of each event data is determined by the SerializedSizeInBytes property.

public Nullable<long> PrefetchSizeInBytes { get; set; }
member this.PrefetchSizeInBytes : Nullable<int64> with get, set
Public Property PrefetchSizeInBytes As Nullable(Of Long)

Property Value

Returns Int64.


Thrown when the size value is less than the minimum required value of 260K bytes.


The size limit is not an absolute limit. the size might go over by at least one event data worth of size. Changes to this value will be used in next receive operation, however this does not affect the number of events already cached by the receiver. Setting this property to non-null value will set PrefetchCount to zero. Note that setting the size too low will affect the effective performance of the event hub receive call.

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