OnMessageOptions OnMessageOptions OnMessageOptions Class


Provides options associated with message pump processing using OnMessage(Action<BrokeredMessage>) and OnMessage(Action<BrokeredMessage>).

public sealed class OnMessageOptions
type OnMessageOptions = class
Public NotInheritable Class OnMessageOptions


OnMessageOptions() OnMessageOptions() OnMessageOptions()

Initializes a new instance of the OnMessageOptions class.


AutoComplete AutoComplete AutoComplete

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the message-pump should call Complete(Guid) or Complete(Guid) on messages after the callback has completed processing.

AutoRenewTimeout AutoRenewTimeout AutoRenewTimeout

Gets or sets the maximum duration within which the lock will be renewed automatically. This value should be greater than the longest message lock duration; for example, the LockDuration Property.

MaxConcurrentCalls MaxConcurrentCalls MaxConcurrentCalls

Gets or sets the maximum number of concurrent calls to the callback the message pump should initiate.


ExceptionReceived ExceptionReceived ExceptionReceived

Occurs when an exception is received. Enables you to be notified of any errors encountered by the message pump. When errors are received calls will automatically be retried, so this is informational.

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