ToastType Enum


Enumerates the types of image and text for toast notification.

public enum ToastType
type ToastType = 
Public Enum ToastType


ToastImageAndText01 0

Specifies the first type image and text.

ToastImageAndText02 1

Specifies the second type image and text.

ToastImageAndText03 2

Specifies the third type image and text.

ToastImageAndText04 3

Specifies the fourth type image and text.

ToastSmallImageAndText01 4

Specifies the first type small image and text.

ToastSmallImageAndText02 5

Specifies the second type small image and text.

ToastSmallImageAndText03 6

Specifies the third type small image and text.

ToastSmallImageAndText04 7

Specifies the fourth type small image and text.

ToastText01 8

Specifies the first type text.

ToastText02 9

Specifies the second type text.

ToastText03 10

Specifies the third type text.

ToastText04 11

Specifies the fourth type text.

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