NonDualMessageSecurityOverRelayHttp NonDualMessageSecurityOverRelayHttp NonDualMessageSecurityOverRelayHttp Class


Enables setting message-level security properties for a WS-Http relay binding.

public sealed class NonDualMessageSecurityOverRelayHttp : Microsoft.ServiceBus.MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp
type NonDualMessageSecurityOverRelayHttp = class
    inherit MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp
Public NotInheritable Class NonDualMessageSecurityOverRelayHttp
Inherits MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp


AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite AlgorithmSuite

Specifies the algorithm suite used for security messages at the SOAP level.

(Inherited from MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp)
ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType ClientCredentialType

Specifies the type of client credential used for client authentication.

(Inherited from MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp)
EstablishSecurityContext EstablishSecurityContext EstablishSecurityContext

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether a security context token is established.

NegotiateServiceCredential NegotiateServiceCredential NegotiateServiceCredential

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the service credential is provisioned at the client out of band or is obtained from the service through a process of negotiation.

(Inherited from MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp)


IsSecureConversationEnabled() IsSecureConversationEnabled() IsSecureConversationEnabled()

Only used in extensibility scenarios to indicate whether an instance of a class derived from MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp is configured to perform secure conversation.

(Inherited from MessageSecurityOverRelayHttp)

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