WcfCommunicationClient<TServiceContract> WcfCommunicationClient<TServiceContract> WcfCommunicationClient<TServiceContract> Class


A WCF client created by WcfCommunicationClientFactory<TServiceContract> to communicate with a Service Fabric service using WcfCommunicationListener<TServiceContract>.

public class WcfCommunicationClient<TServiceContract> : Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Communication.Client.ICommunicationClient where TServiceContract : class
type WcfCommunicationClient<'ServiceContract (requires 'ServiceContract : null)> = class
    interface ICommunicationClient
Public Class WcfCommunicationClient(Of TServiceContract)
Implements ICommunicationClient

Type Parameters


WCF service contract



Channel Channel Channel

Gets the WCF channel for the specified contract that this communication client uses.

Endpoint Endpoint Endpoint

Gets or sets the service endpoint to which the client is connected to.

ListenerName ListenerName ListenerName

Gets or sets the name of the listener in the service replica or instance to which the client is connected to.

ResolvedServicePartition ResolvedServicePartition ResolvedServicePartition

Gets or sets the resolved service partition which contains information about the partition and the endpoints that can be used to communication with the service replica or instance.


Finalize() Finalize() Finalize()

Finalizes an instance of the WcfCommunicationClient<TServiceContract> class.

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