NavigationTermSetItem.View Property


Gets a NavigationTermSetView object that is used for various purposes such as to resolve relative URLs.

 property Microsoft::SharePoint::Publishing::Navigation::NavigationTermSetView ^ View { Microsoft::SharePoint::Publishing::Navigation::NavigationTermSetView ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTermSetView View { get; }
member this.View : Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTermSetView
Public ReadOnly Property View As NavigationTermSetView

Property Value


A NavigationSetView object



The view represents state that is obtained from the context of the SPWeb object that is using the term set for its navigation.

The NavigationTermSetView object is read-only. To modify the view, make the changes to a copy obtained via the GetCopy() method, and then pass the new instance to the GetWithNewView(NavigationTermSetView) method or to the GetWithNewView(NavigationTermSetView) method.

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