ISqlAnalysisRuleMetadata ISqlAnalysisRuleMetadata ISqlAnalysisRuleMetadata Interface


The metadata describing a rule - its namespace, id, scope etc.

public interface ISqlAnalysisRuleMetadata : Microsoft.SqlServer.Dac.Extensibility.IStandardMetadata
type ISqlAnalysisRuleMetadata = interface
    interface IStandardMetadata
Public Interface ISqlAnalysisRuleMetadata
Implements IStandardMetadata


Category Category Category

(Optional) Category used to group the rule in Visual Studio UI. This should never be localized

Description Description Description

The description of the rule. This should be a short human readable description of what the rule is intended to warn against or block.

RuleScope RuleScope RuleScope

The scope of this rule. Choose between Element and Model. Note that for element scoped rules, the SupportedElementTypes property must return one or more element types that can are supported for analysis by the rule

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