SchemaDifference SchemaDifference SchemaDifference Class


Represents an object or property difference found during comparison of two database models.

public sealed class SchemaDifference
type SchemaDifference = class
Public NotInheritable Class SchemaDifference


Children Children Children

Object or property differences, if any, that relate to this difference.

DifferenceType DifferenceType DifferenceType

Represents the type of this SchemaDifference node

Included Included Included

Indicates whether this node and all of its children will be included during script generation or publish of the comparison result.

IsExcludable IsExcludable IsExcludable

Indicates whether this node can be excluded from script generation and publish of the comparison result.

Name Name Name

Node name

Parent Parent Parent

The parent difference (of type Object), if any, of this difference

SourceObject SourceObject SourceObject

Object from the source database model

TargetObject TargetObject TargetObject

Object from the target database model

UpdateAction UpdateAction UpdateAction

The update action required to make the schema of the target equal to the source schema.

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