PipelineBuffer.EndOfRowset Property


Gets a value indicating whether the current PipelineBuffer is the final buffer.

 property bool EndOfRowset { bool get(); };
public bool EndOfRowset { get; }
member this.EndOfRowset : bool
Public ReadOnly Property EndOfRowset As Boolean

Property Value

true if the current PipelineBuffer is the final buffer from the upstream component; otherwise, false.


The EndOfRowset property indicates that the current PipelineBuffer is the final buffer.

Often, you can safely ignore the value of the EndOfRowset property. Many components do not have to take any additional actions after they read the last row of data. However, when you use the EndOfRowset property, make sure that you determine its value after you read the rows in the current buffer. If you stop reading rows as soon as the EndOfRowset property is true, you might lose the rows of data that the final buffer contains.

The correct pattern for using the NextRow method and the EndOfRowset property is:

while (buffer.NextRow())


// Do something with each row.


if (buffer.EndOfRowset)


// Optionally, do something after all rows have been processed.


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