IDTSComponentMetaData100.Validate IDTSComponentMetaData100.Validate IDTSComponentMetaData100.Validate Method


Invokes the validation of the component metadata.

 Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Pipeline::Wrapper::DTSValidationStatus Validate();
public Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper.DTSValidationStatus Validate ();
Public Function Validate () As DTSValidationStatus



The Validate method of the component metadata invokes the layout validation routine implemented by the data flow task. This is different from the validation done by a component when the Validate method of the design-time instance of the component is called. When this method is called, the data flow engine:

  • Verifies that the ID of the component is valid.

  • Verifies that the locale specified for the component is installed on the local machine.

  • Verifies that the component has at least one input or one output.

  • Verifies that the input and output column collections are valid.

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