IDTSComponentMetaData130.GetIdentificationStringByID(Int32) IDTSComponentMetaData130.GetIdentificationStringByID(Int32) IDTSComponentMetaData130.GetIdentificationStringByID(Int32) IDTSComponentMetaData130.GetIdentificationStringByID(Int32) Method


Gets the identification string for a column referenced in an error output by providing a valid ID for the column.

 System::String ^ GetIdentificationStringByID(int lID);
public string GetIdentificationStringByID (int lID);
abstract member GetIdentificationStringByID : int -> string
Public Function GetIdentificationStringByID (lID As Integer) As String


Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32

A valid ID for the column.


The identification string for the column. Here is an example of an identification string.OLE DB Source.Outputs[OLE DB Source Output].Columns[UserID]


When you redirect rows in the data flow that contain errors to an error output, the output contains a numeric identifier for the column in which the error occurred, but does not display the name of the column. Call GetIdentificationStringByID from the Script Component or from a custom data flow component to get the name of the column, which is part of the identification string returned by this method.

For more info, see Error Handling in Data and Enhancing an Error Output with the Script Component.

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