IDTSRuntimeConnection100 IDTSRuntimeConnection100 IDTSRuntimeConnection100 IDTSRuntimeConnection100 Interface


References a ConnectionManager object in a package.

public interface class IDTSRuntimeConnection100 : Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Pipeline::Wrapper::IDTSObject100
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface IDTSRuntimeConnection100 : Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper.IDTSObject100
type IDTSRuntimeConnection100 = interface
    interface IDTSObject100
Public Interface IDTSRuntimeConnection100
Implements IDTSObject100


The IDTSRuntimeConnection100 object holds a reference to a ConnectionManager object in the package that is used by the component to acquire a connection to an external data source. Data flow components that require connections to external data sources add a run-time connection to the RuntimeConnectionCollection to indicate their need for a connection.


ConnectionManager ConnectionManager ConnectionManager ConnectionManager

Gets or sets the IDTSConnectionManager100 object referenced by the run-time connection object.

ConnectionManagerID ConnectionManagerID ConnectionManagerID ConnectionManagerID

Gets or sets the ID of the ConnectionManager object contained in the package and used by the component.

Description Description Description Description

Gets or sets the description of the IDTSRuntimeConnection100 object.


Gets or sets the ID of the IDTSRuntimeConnection100 object.

IdentificationString IdentificationString IdentificationString IdentificationString

Gets a string that uniquely identifies the IDTSRuntimeConnection100 object.

Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the run-time connection object.

ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

Gets the DTSObjectType of the run-time connection object.


ReleaseConnectionManager() ReleaseConnectionManager() ReleaseConnectionManager() ReleaseConnectionManager()

Releases the reference to a ConnectionManager referenced by an IDTSRuntimeConnection100 object.

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