DtsEnumerator.Reset DtsEnumerator.Reset DtsEnumerator.Reset Method


Sets the enumerator to its initial position, which is before the first element in the collection.

 virtual void Reset();
public void Reset ();
Public Sub Reset ()


For any class that inherits from this collection, like the WarningEnumerator, calling Reset positions the index before the start of the collection. The following code example shows how to call Reset.



An enumerator remains valid as long as the collection remains unchanged. If changes are made to the collection, such as adding, modifying, or deleting elements, the enumerator is irrecoverably invalidated and the next call to MoveNext or Reset throws an InvalidOperationException.


All calls to Reset must result in the same state for the enumerator. The preferred implementation is to move the enumerator to the beginning of the collection, before the first element. This invalidates the enumerator if the collection has been modified since the enumerator was created, which is consistent with MoveNext and Current.

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