DTSObjectReferenceType DTSObjectReferenceType DTSObjectReferenceType Enum


Specifies the types of objects that the ObjectReferenceTracker class will provide impact analysis for. This enumeration is used by the EnumReferencedObjects class, which in turn is used by the Package class in its FindReferencedObjects(Object) method.

public enum class DTSObjectReferenceType
public enum DTSObjectReferenceType
Public Enum DTSObjectReferenceType


Connection Connection Connection 2

A connection.

VariableReadOnly VariableReadOnly VariableReadOnly 0

A read-only variable.

VariableReadWrite VariableReadWrite VariableReadWrite 1

A read/write variable.


A run-time task or pipeline component that uses variables or collections uses the AddReference method to create a reference list of objects. You also need to provide a usage location and description for the list by calling SetListInfo. For example, a task with a single variable would use its name as the location information and a description of what the variable is used for as the usage description.

Tasks or components that make different uses of variables or connections may create as many separate reference lists as necessary. For example, the Conditional Split component uses variables in expressions on outputs, and you can create a separate reference list for each output expression that uses variables. You set the component name as the usage location, and then include the expression and where it is found in the description. If the same variable is used in multiple expressions, each usage location is tracked by the system.

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