DTSSignatureStatus DTSSignatureStatus DTSSignatureStatus Enum


Describes the status of the digital signature.

public enum class DTSSignatureStatus
public enum DTSSignatureStatus
Public Enum DTSSignatureStatus


Good Good Good 2

The signature is valid.

Invalid Invalid Invalid 0

The signature is not valid.

NotPresent NotPresent NotPresent 1

The signature is not present.

Untrusted Untrusted Untrusted 3

The signature is from an untrusted source.


The following code example specifies through the Application class that the package will have its signature checked on load.

Application app = new Application();  
app.CheckSignatureOnLoad = CheckSignatureOnLoad;  
pkg = app.LoadPackage(mysavedPackagePath, null);  
DTSSignatureStatus expectedStatus = DTSSignatureStatus.Good;  

DTSSignatureStatus dss = pkg.CheckSignature();  
if (dss != expectedStatus)  
    Console.WriteLine("Status not valid: found " + dss + ", expected " + expectedStatus);  
Dim app As Application =  New Application()   
app.CheckSignatureOnLoad = CheckSignatureOnLoad  
pkg = app.LoadPackage(mysavedPackagePath, Nothing)  
Dim expectedStatus As DTSSignatureStatus =  DTSSignatureStatus.Good   

Dim dss As DTSSignatureStatus =  pkg.CheckSignature()   
If dss <> expectedStatus Then  
    Console.WriteLine("Status not valid: found " + dss + ", expected " + expectedStatus)  
End If  


A package can be signed with a digital signature. By using a digital signature, you can help ensure that only packages from trusted sources are opened and run. However, to ensure that Integration Services checks the digital signature when it loads a package, you must also do at least one of the following steps:


When configured to check the signature of the package, Integration Services only checks whether the digital signature is present, is valid, and is from a trusted source. Integration Services does not check whether the package has been changed.

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