DTSSignatureStatus DTSSignatureStatus DTSSignatureStatus Enum


Describes the status of the digital signature.

public enum class DTSSignatureStatus
public enum DTSSignatureStatus
Public Enum DTSSignatureStatus


Good Good Good 2

The signature is valid.

Invalid Invalid Invalid 0

The signature is not valid.

NotPresent NotPresent NotPresent 1

The signature is not present.

Untrusted Untrusted Untrusted 3

The signature is from an untrusted source.


The following code example specifies through the Application class that the package will have its signature checked on load.

Application app = new Application();  
app.CheckSignatureOnLoad = CheckSignatureOnLoad;  
pkg = app.LoadPackage(mysavedPackagePath, null);  
DTSSignatureStatus expectedStatus = DTSSignatureStatus.Good;  
DTSSignatureStatus dss = pkg.CheckSignature();  
if (dss != expectedStatus)  
    Console.WriteLine("Status not valid: found " + dss + ", expected " + expectedStatus);  
Dim app As Application =  New Application()   
app.CheckSignatureOnLoad = CheckSignatureOnLoad  
pkg = app.LoadPackage(mysavedPackagePath, Nothing)  
Dim expectedStatus As DTSSignatureStatus =  DTSSignatureStatus.Good   
Dim dss As DTSSignatureStatus =  pkg.CheckSignature()   
If dss <> expectedStatus Then  
    Console.WriteLine("Status not valid: found " + dss + ", expected " + expectedStatus)  
End If  


A package can be signed with a digital signature. By using a digital signature, you can help ensure that only packages from trusted sources are opened and run. However, to ensure that Integration Services checks the digital signature when it loads a package, you must also do at least one of the following steps:

  • Set the value of a registry entry.

  • Set a command prompt option for the dtexec utility (dtexec.exe).

  • Set a property in SQL Server Data Tools.

  • Set a property in your code when you load or run packages programmatically. For example, the CheckSignatureOnLoad property of the Application class determines whether the signature is checked.

For more information, see Identify the Source of Packages with Digital Signatures.


When configured to check the signature of the package, Integration Services only checks whether the digital signature is present, is valid, and is from a trusted source. Integration Services does not check whether the package has been changed.

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