NameCheckResult NameCheckResult NameCheckResult Enum


Specifies the result of a name check.

public enum class NameCheckResult
public enum NameCheckResult
Public Enum NameCheckResult


EndWhiteSpace EndWhiteSpace EndWhiteSpace 5

The result is EndWhiteSpace.

InvalidBody InvalidBody InvalidBody 7

The result is InvalidBody.

InvalidStart InvalidStart InvalidStart 6

The result is InvalidStart.

InvalidTrail InvalidTrail InvalidTrail 8

The result is InvalidTrail.

ObjectNameEmpty ObjectNameEmpty ObjectNameEmpty 2

The result is ObjectNameEmpty.

ObjectNameTooLong ObjectNameTooLong ObjectNameTooLong 3

The result is ObjectNameTooLong.

StartWhiteSpace StartWhiteSpace StartWhiteSpace 4

The result is StartWhiteSpace.

Success Success Success 1

The result is Success.

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