Sequence.GetExpression(String) Sequence.GetExpression(String) Sequence.GetExpression(String) Method


Returns a String that contains the expression for the specified property. Null means no expression is assigned.

 virtual System::String ^ GetExpression(System::String ^ propertyName);
public string GetExpression (string propertyName);
Public Function GetExpression (propertyName As String) As String


String String String

The name of the property whose expression you want to see.


A String that contains the expression used to evaluate the property.



The following code example uses SetExpression to modify the value of the Description on a Sequence container. Then GetExpression is used to retrieve the expression.

using System;  
using System.Collections.Generic;  
using System.Text;  
using Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime;  
namespace Microsoft.SqlServer.SSIS.Sample  
    class Program  
        static void Main(string[] args)  
            const String containerName = "Sequence";  
            Package pkg = new Package();  
            Sequence sequence = (Sequence)pkg.Executables.Add("STOCK:Sequence");  
            DtsProperties seqProps = sequence.Properties;  
            // View information about the Description property  
            // before setting it using the SetExpression method.  
            String desc = sequence.Description;  
            Console.WriteLine("Original value of Description: {0}", desc);  
            // Use SetExpression to give the Sequence a description.  
            String myExpression = "\"Testing " + containerName + "\"";   
            sequence.SetExpression("Description", myExpression);  
            // Note that I've tried using the Properties bag instead, with no change to the results.  
            //seqProps["Description"].SetExpression(sequence, myExpression);   
            //Validate the package to set the expression onto the property.  
            DTSExecResult valResult = pkg.Validate(null, null, null, null);  
            // Retrieve the new value and the expression.  
            String myNewDesc = sequence.Description;  
            String myNewExpression = sequence.GetExpression("Description");  
            Console.WriteLine("New value of Description: {0}", myNewDesc);  
            Console.WriteLine("Expression for Description: {0}", myNewExpression);  

Sample Output:

Original value of Description:

New value of Description: Testing Sequence

Expression for Description: "Testing Sequence"


The propertyName can be any property available on the object.

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