Task.Update(String) Task.Update(String) Task.Update(String) Task.Update(String) Method


*** Member deprecated; see Remarks. ***   This method updates the old package XML with the new package XML if CanUpdate(String) is set to true.

 virtual void Update(System::String ^ % ObjectXml);
public virtual void Update (ref string ObjectXml);
abstract member Update :  -> unit
override this.Update :  -> unit
Public Overridable Sub Update (ByRef ObjectXml As String)


String String String String

A String that contains the XML of the old object.



This member will be removed in a future version of MicrosoftSQL Server. Avoid using this member in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this member.

The run-time engine calls CanUpdate on new objects, passing in the GUID of the old object. If the new object can update the old object, the old object is passed to the new one through the Update method, where the XML is changed.

By default, all extensible objects implement CanUpdate to return false, and implement the Update method to do nothing on the XML it is given in its parameters.

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