IDTSVariable100 IDTSVariable100 IDTSVariable100 IDTSVariable100 Interface


Represents an interface for the variable on a package, task or container.

public interface class IDTSVariable100
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface IDTSVariable100
type IDTSVariable100 = interface
Public Interface IDTSVariable100


DataType DataType DataType DataType

Gets the data type of the variable.

EvaluateAsExpression EvaluateAsExpression EvaluateAsExpression EvaluateAsExpression

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the variable contains an expression.

IncludeInDebugDump IncludeInDebugDump IncludeInDebugDump IncludeInDebugDump

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the variable value is included in the debug dump files.

Namespace Namespace Namespace Namespace

Gets or sets the namespace that the variable belongs to.

Parent Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent container of the variable.

QualifiedName QualifiedName QualifiedName QualifiedName

Gets the fully qualified name of the variable, including the namespace. This property is read-only.

RaiseChangedEvent RaiseChangedEvent RaiseChangedEvent RaiseChangedEvent

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the variable has been flagged to raise the OnVariableValueChanged(IDTSContainer100, IDTSVariable100, Boolean) event when the value of the variable changes.

ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the variable is read-only and cannot have its value modified.

SystemVariable SystemVariable SystemVariable SystemVariable

Gets a value that indicates whether the variable is a system variable. This property is read-only.

Value Value Value Value

Gets or sets the value assigned to the variable.


GetValueWithContext(IDTSEvaluatorContext100) GetValueWithContext(IDTSEvaluatorContext100) GetValueWithContext(IDTSEvaluatorContext100) GetValueWithContext(IDTSEvaluatorContext100)

Retrieves the value with the specified context.

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