ITransferLoginsTask ITransferLoginsTask ITransferLoginsTask Interface


Represents the transfer logins task.

public interface class ITransferLoginsTask
public interface ITransferLoginsTask
Public Interface ITransferLoginsTask


CopySids CopySids CopySids

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the security identifiers associated with the logins should be copied to the destination.

DatabasesList DatabasesList DatabasesList

Gets or sets a list of databases.

DestinationConnection DestinationConnection DestinationConnection

Gets or sets the name of connection manager for the destination database.

IfObjectExists IfObjectExists IfObjectExists

Gets or sets a value from the IfObjectExists enumeration indicating whether the task should fail, ignore the existing login, or skip the transfer of the login, if a login of the same name exists at the destination.

LoginsList LoginsList LoginsList

Gets or sets the names of the logins to transfer.

LoginsToTransfer LoginsToTransfer LoginsToTransfer

Gets or sets a value from the LoginsToTransfer enumeration indicating which logins to transfer.

SourceConnection SourceConnection SourceConnection

Gets or sets the name of the connection manager for the source database.

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