ConfigurationUri ConfigurationUri ConfigurationUri ConfigurationUri Class


Provides an object representation of a uniform resource identifier (URI) and easy access to the parts of the URI.

public ref class ConfigurationUri abstract sealed
public static class ConfigurationUri
type ConfigurationUri = class
Public Class ConfigurationUri


GetAssemblyName(Uri) GetAssemblyName(Uri) GetAssemblyName(Uri) GetAssemblyName(Uri)

Retrieves the unique identity of the assembly in the configuration.

GetResourceName(Uri) GetResourceName(Uri) GetResourceName(Uri) GetResourceName(Uri)

Retrieves the name of the resource configuration.

IsFileUri(Uri) IsFileUri(Uri) IsFileUri(Uri) IsFileUri(Uri)

Returns a value indicating whether the specified URI is a file URI.

IsResourceUri(Uri) IsResourceUri(Uri) IsResourceUri(Uri) IsResourceUri(Uri)

Retrieves a value indicating whether the object is a resource.

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