ExpressionNodeFunction.Function Enum


Type of Function

public enum ExpressionNodeFunction.Function
type ExpressionNodeFunction.Function = 
Public Enum ExpressionNodeFunction.Function


Add 11

Add two values

Array 10

Return an array of values

Avg 6

Average a series of values

BitwiseAnd 15

Bitwise AND

BitwiseOr 16

Bitwise OR

Concatenate 28

Concatenate strings

Count 7

Count a series of values

DateAdd 3

Add a number to a date

DatePart 4

Extract a part of a date

DateTime 21

Return a datetime from a string

Divide 14

Divide one value by another

Enum 20

Return the textual description for an enum

Escape 29

Escape string Defect 247787, Ability to pass dynamic Arguments to ExecuteWQL

ExecuteSql 0

Execute scalar SQL

ExecuteWql 1

Execute WMI query

False 24

Logical false

GetDate 2

Get current date

Guid 25

Return guid from string

IsNull 9

Substitute a value for null

Len 8

Get the length of a string

Lower 27

Return lower-case string

Mod 18

Return the modulus of one number divided by another

Multiply 13

Multiple two values

Power 17

Raise a value to an exponential power

Round 19

Round a number

String 22

Convert a value to a string

Subtract 12

Substract two values

Sum 5

Sum a series of values

True 23

Logical true

Upper 26

Return upper-case string

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