PermissionType PermissionType PermissionType Enum


Represents a user’s permissions.

public enum class PermissionType
public enum PermissionType
Public Enum PermissionType


CreateObjects CreateObjects CreateObjects 100

The CreateObjects permission type.

Execute Execute Execute 3

The Execute permission type.

ExecuteObjects ExecuteObjects ExecuteObjects 103

The ExecuteObjects permission type.

ManageObjectPermissions ManageObjectPermissions ManageObjectPermissions 104

The ManageObjectPermissions permission type.

ManagePermissions ManagePermissions ManagePermissions 4

The ManagePermissions permission type.

Modify Modify Modify 2

The Modify permission type.

ModifyObjects ModifyObjects ModifyObjects 102

The ModifyObjects permission type.

Read Read Read 1

The Read permission type.

ReadObjects ReadObjects ReadObjects 101

The ReadObjects permission type.

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