NamedKey<T> NamedKey<T> NamedKey<T> Class


The single string name key for an instance class.

public class NamedKey<T> : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.SfcKey, IEquatable<Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.NamedKey<T>> where T : SfcInstance
type NamedKey<'T (requires 'T :> SfcInstance)> = class
    inherit SfcKey
    interface IEquatable<NamedKey<'T>>
Public Class NamedKey(Of T)
Inherits SfcKey
Implements IEquatable(Of NamedKey(Of T))

Type Parameters



NamedKey<T>() NamedKey<T>() NamedKey<T>()

Default constructor for a name key.

NamedKey<T>(NamedKey<T>) NamedKey<T>(NamedKey<T>) NamedKey<T>(NamedKey<T>)

Construct a name key from another name key.

NamedKey<T>(IDictionary<String,Object>) NamedKey<T>(IDictionary<String,Object>) NamedKey<T>(IDictionary<String,Object>)

Construct a name key from a field dictionary.

NamedKey<T>(String) NamedKey<T>(String) NamedKey<T>(String)

Construct a name key from a string.


InstanceType InstanceType InstanceType

The instance type which this key represents.

Name Name Name

The name key value.

UrnName UrnName UrnName

The Urn level name corresponding to the instance type which this key respresents. It is normally the instance type class name. Overriding this typically is done with typeof(T).urnName or similar.


Equals(NamedKey<T>) Equals(NamedKey<T>) Equals(NamedKey<T>)

Compare a name key to this key for value equality.

Equals(SfcKey) Equals(SfcKey) Equals(SfcKey)

Compare a name key to this key for value equality.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Compare a name key to this key for value equality.

Equals(Object, Object) Equals(Object, Object) Equals(Object, Object)

Equals static operator for a key.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Generate a hash code for the key.

GetUrnFragment() GetUrnFragment() GetUrnFragment()

The Urn level fragment obtains its name from the key name property by default. Override in a derived key class if you need a different fragment format.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

The string value for the key.


Equality(NamedKey<T>, NamedKey<T>) Equality(NamedKey<T>, NamedKey<T>) Equality(NamedKey<T>, NamedKey<T>)

Compare two keys for value equality.

Inequality(NamedKey<T>, NamedKey<T>) Inequality(NamedKey<T>, NamedKey<T>) Inequality(NamedKey<T>, NamedKey<T>)

Compare two keys for value inequality.

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