SfcDependencyDiscoveryMode Enum


The DiscoveryMode enum indicates the types of relationships which should be processed in the dependency graph. These are pre-defined permutations of the lower-level relation flags which we currently do not expose direct control over picking. It is the responsibility of the domains and objects called on to add relations to honor this mode.

  1. Children - follow all children of the root objects recursively. No references are followed.
  2. Full - follow all children and all references of root objects recursively.
  3. Propagate - follow all children to emulate what PropagateInfo does in SMO in Yukon.
  4. UsedBy - follow direct parent and inbound references of root objects. No recursion.
  5. Uses - follow direct children and outbound references of root objects. No recursion.
public enum SfcDependencyDiscoveryMode
type SfcDependencyDiscoveryMode = 
Public Enum SfcDependencyDiscoveryMode


Children 0

Include only required children for minimal completeness of parent objects.

Full 1

Include all children even those not necessary for minimal completeness of parent objects.

Propagate 2

Include all children as needed for PropagateInfo emulation.

UsedBy 3

Include only immmediate parents of required children and immediate inbound references.

Uses 4

Include only immediate required children and immediate outbound references.

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