XPathExceptionCode XPathExceptionCode XPathExceptionCode Enum


Identified for informational purposes only. Not supported. Future compatibility is not guaranteed.

public enum class XPathExceptionCode
public enum XPathExceptionCode
Public Enum XPathExceptionCode


BadContext BadContext BadContext 28

Bad context.

BadQueryObject BadQueryObject BadQueryObject 20

Bad Query Object.

BooleanExpected BooleanExpected BooleanExpected 6

A Boolean was expected.

ConstantExpected ConstantExpected ConstantExpected 25

A Constant was expected.

ExpressionExpected ExpressionExpected ExpressionExpected 4

An Expression was expected.

FunctionExpected FunctionExpected FunctionExpected 15

A Function was expected.

InvalidArgument InvalidArgument InvalidArgument 10

Invalid Argument.

InvalidDataRecordFilter InvalidDataRecordFilter InvalidDataRecordFilter 21

Invalid Data Record Filter.

InvalidName InvalidName InvalidName 12

Invalid Name.

InvalidNodeType InvalidNodeType InvalidNodeType 13

Invalid Node Type.

InvalidNumArgs InvalidNumArgs InvalidNumArgs 11

Invalid Number of Arguments.

InvalidPattern InvalidPattern InvalidPattern 19

Invalid Pattern.

InvalidPrefix InvalidPrefix InvalidPrefix 22

Invalid Prefix.

InvalidToken InvalidToken InvalidToken 14

Invalid Token.

InvalidVariable InvalidVariable InvalidVariable 26

Invalid Variable.

Last Last Last 29

Last exception.

MovedFromSelection MovedFromSelection MovedFromSelection 24

Moved From Selection.

NodeSetExpected NodeSetExpected NodeSetExpected 16

A Node Set was expected.

NodeTestExpected NodeTestExpected NodeTestExpected 3

A Node Test was expected.

NoSelectedSet NoSelectedSet NoSelectedSet 23

No Selected Set.

NotSupported NotSupported NotSupported 18

Not Supported.

NoXPathActive NoXPathActive NoXPathActive 17

No XPath was active.

NumberExpected NumberExpected NumberExpected 5

A Number was expected.

QueryExpected QueryExpected QueryExpected 7

A Query was Expected

Success Success Success 0


TestExpected TestExpected TestExpected 9

A Test was expected.

TokenExpected TokenExpected TokenExpected 2

A Token was expected.

UnclosedString UnclosedString UnclosedString 1

An Unclosed String occurred.

UndefinedXsltContext UndefinedXsltContext UndefinedXsltContext 27

Undefined XSLT Context.

UnknownMethod UnknownMethod UnknownMethod 8

Unknown Method.

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