JobSchedule.FrequencyInterval JobSchedule.FrequencyInterval JobSchedule.FrequencyInterval Property


Gets or sets the frequency interval, which determines how often the job is scheduled to run.

 property int FrequencyInterval { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int FrequencyInterval { get; set; }
Public Property FrequencyInterval As Integer
Property Value

An Int32 value that specifies the frequency interval.


Scheduling Automatic Administrative Tasks in SQL Server Agent


FrequencyInterval is always interpreted relative to the value of the FrequencyTypes property. FrequencyInterval is interpreted using these values.

FrequencyInterval value FrequencyTypes value
FrequencyInterval is not applicable. FrequencyTypes.Unknown
FrequencyInterval is not applicable. The schedule runs once only. FrequencyTypes.OneTime
An integer value that specifies the number of days. For example, when FrequencyInterval property is 3, the schedule job runs every third day. FrequencyTypes.Daily
A bit flag long integer value that specifies the days of the week using the WeekDays enumeration.

WeekDays.Sunday = 1

WeekDays.Monday = 2

WeekDays.Tuesday = 4

WeekDays.Wednesday = 8

WeekDays.Thursday = 16

WeekDays.Friday = 32

WeekDays.Saturday = 64

WeekDays.WeekDays = 62

WeekDays.WeekEnds = 65

WeekDays.EveryDay = 127

Combine values using an OR logical operator to set more than a single day. For example, combine WeekDays.Monday and WeekDays.Friday (FrequencyInterval = 2 + 32 = 34) to schedule an activity for Monday and Friday.
An integer that specifies the ordinal day of the month on which the schedule is active. For example, 4 specifies the fourth day of the month. FrequencyTypes.Monthly
When the FrequencyTypes property is set to MonthlyRelative, the FrequencyRelativeIntervals and the FrequencyInterval properties must be set to specify which occurrence of which day of the week within the month. For example, if FrequencyRelativeIntervals property is set to 2 and the FrequencyInterval is set to Friday the scheduled job runs on the second Friday of every month. The MonthlyRelativeWeekDays enumeration contains days of the week that can assigned to the FrequencyInterval property. FrequencyTypes.MonthlyRelative
FrequencyInterval is not applicable. The schedule runs when SQL Server is started. FrequencyTypes.AutoStart
FrequencyInterval is not applicable. The schedule runs when the processor that run the instance of SQL Server is idle. FrequencyTypes.OnIdle
FrequencyInterval is not applicable. FrequencyTypes.Valid

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