AvailabilityReplicaOperationalState AvailabilityReplicaOperationalState AvailabilityReplicaOperationalState Enum


Specifies the state of the replica's readiness to process client requests for all databases replicas in the availability group residing on it.

public enum class AvailabilityReplicaOperationalState
public enum AvailabilityReplicaOperationalState
Public Enum AvailabilityReplicaOperationalState


Failed Failed Failed 4

The replica is unable to communicate with the Windows cluster, the replica cannot receive client requests.

FailedNoQuorum FailedNoQuorum FailedNoQuorum 5

The availability group has lost quorum, the replica cannot receive client requests.

Offline Offline Offline 3

The availability group currently has no primary, the replica cannot receive client requests.

Online Online Online 2

The replica is ready to client requests.

Pending Pending Pending 1

The replica is pending a switch to primary role. This is a transient state.

PendingFailover PendingFailover PendingFailover 0

A failover command is in progress, the replica cannot receive client requests.

Unknown Unknown Unknown 6

The operational state of this replica is unknown, the availability replica object referes to a remote instance.

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