BackupRestoreBase.DatabaseFileGroups BackupRestoreBase.DatabaseFileGroups BackupRestoreBase.DatabaseFileGroups Property


Gets the SQL Server file groups targeted by the backup or restore operation.

 property System::Collections::Specialized::StringCollection ^ DatabaseFileGroups { System::Collections::Specialized::StringCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection DatabaseFileGroups { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property DatabaseFileGroups As StringCollection
Property Value

A StringCollection system object value that lists the names of the targeted file groups. By default, the value is unspecified.


Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Transaction Logs


The DatabaseFileGroups property is only required when the Action property is set to Files. When the Action property is set to Files, either the DatabaseFileGroups property or the DatabaseFiles property must be given a value to indicate which file groups or files to back up or restore.

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