IServerSelectionFacet IServerSelectionFacet IServerSelectionFacet Interface



This API is not CLS-compliant.

The IServerSelectionFacet class contains members that represent the SQL Server policy-based management server selection facet objects.

public interface class IServerSelectionFacet : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::Sdk::Sfc::IDmfFacet
public interface IServerSelectionFacet : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.IDmfFacet
Public Interface IServerSelectionFacet
Implements IDmfFacet


BuildNumber BuildNumber BuildNumber

Gets the build number of the server.

Collation Collation Collation

Gets the collation used by the server.

Edition Edition Edition

Gets the edition of the server.

IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive

Gets a value that specifies whether the server uses case-sensitive syntax.

Language Language Language

Gets the language used by the server.

NamedPipesEnabled NamedPipesEnabled NamedPipesEnabled

Gets a value that specifies whether the server supports named pipes.

OSVersion OSVersion OSVersion

Gets the version of the operating system used by the computer hosting the server.

Platform Platform Platform

Gets the platform on which the server is running.

TcpEnabled TcpEnabled TcpEnabled

Gets a value that indicates whether the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is enabled on the server.

VersionMajor VersionMajor VersionMajor

Gets the major digits of the version information.

VersionMinor VersionMinor VersionMinor

Gets the minor digits of the version information.

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