LoginType LoginType LoginType Enum


The LoginType enumeration contains values that are used to specify the authentication type and the Windows account type.

public enum class LoginType
public enum LoginType
Public Enum LoginType


AsymmetricKey AsymmetricKey AsymmetricKey 4

Value = 4. The logon is mapped to an asymmetric key.

Certificate Certificate Certificate 3

Value = 3. The logon is mapped to a certificate.

ExternalGroup ExternalGroup ExternalGroup 6

Value = 6. The external group logon.

ExternalUser ExternalUser ExternalUser 5

Value = 5. The external individual logon.

SqlLogin SqlLogin SqlLogin 2

Value = 2. A SQL Server standard logon.

WindowsGroup WindowsGroup WindowsGroup 1

Value = 1. A Windows group logon.

WindowsUser WindowsUser WindowsUser 0

Value = 0. A Windows individual logon.


The LoginType enumeration class is served by the LoginType property for the Login and User classes.

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