ObjectPermissionSetValue ObjectPermissionSetValue ObjectPermissionSetValue Enum


The ObjectPermissionSetValue enumeration is a list of constant values that specify all the object permissions.

public enum class ObjectPermissionSetValue
public enum ObjectPermissionSetValue
Public Enum ObjectPermissionSetValue


Alter Alter Alter 0

The ability to alter the object.

Connect Connect Connect 2

The ability to connect to the object.

Control Control Control 1

The ability to control the object.

CreateSequence CreateSequence CreateSequence 15

The ability to create a sequence on the object.

Delete Delete Delete 3

The ability to delete the object.

Execute Execute Execute 4

The ability to execute the object.

Impersonate Impersonate Impersonate 5

The ability to impersonate another user when accessing the object.

Insert Insert Insert 6

The ability to add data to the object.

Receive Receive Receive 7

The ability to receive on the object.

References References References 8

The ability to make references on the object.

Select Select Select 9

The ability to select data from the object.

Send Send Send 10

The ability to send on the object.

TakeOwnership TakeOwnership TakeOwnership 11

The ability to take ownership of the object.

Update Update Update 12

The ability to update data on the object.

ViewChangeTracking ViewChangeTracking ViewChangeTracking 14

The ability to view change tracking on the object.

ViewDefinition ViewDefinition ViewDefinition 13

The ability to view definition of the object.

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