ResourcePoolAffinityInfo ResourcePoolAffinityInfo ResourcePoolAffinityInfo Class


Represents information about the resource pool affinity.

public ref class ResourcePoolAffinityInfo sealed : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::Smo::AffinityInfoBase
public sealed class ResourcePoolAffinityInfo : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.AffinityInfoBase
Public NotInheritable Class ResourcePoolAffinityInfo
Inherits AffinityInfoBase


AffinityType AffinityType AffinityType

Gets or sets the affinity type of the AffinityInfoBase.

(Inherited from AffinityInfoBase)
ExecutionManager ExecutionManager ExecutionManager

Gets the execution manager of the AffinityInfoBase.

(Inherited from AffinityInfoBase)
NumaNodes NumaNodes NumaNodes

Gets a collection that contains the NUMA node settings.

(Inherited from AffinityInfoBase)
Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent object.

Schedulers Schedulers Schedulers

Gets the CPU collection instance.


Alter() Alter() Alter()

Updates the AffinityInfo object property changes on the instance of SQL Server.

(Inherited from AffinityInfoBase)
Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

Refreshes the ResourcePoolAffinityInfo.

Script() Script() Script()

Generates a Transact-SQL script.

(Inherited from AffinityInfoBase)
Script(ScriptingOptions) Script(ScriptingOptions) Script(ScriptingOptions)

Generates a Transact-SQL script.

(Inherited from AffinityInfoBase)

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