RestoreOptions RestoreOptions RestoreOptions Class


Represents the restore options.

public ref class RestoreOptions
public class RestoreOptions
Public Class RestoreOptions


RestoreOptions() RestoreOptions() RestoreOptions()

Initializes a new instance of the RestoreOptions class.


Blocksize Blocksize Blocksize

Specifies the physical block size, in bytes.

BufferCount BufferCount BufferCount

Specifies the total number of I/O buffers to be used for the restore operation.

ClearSuspectPageTableAfterRestore ClearSuspectPageTableAfterRestore ClearSuspectPageTableAfterRestore

Gets or sets whether to delete entries in the suspect page table after restore.

ContinueAfterError ContinueAfterError ContinueAfterError

Gets or sets whether the restore operation is to continue after an error is encountered.

KeepReplication KeepReplication KeepReplication

Gets or sets whether to prevent replication settings from being removed when a database backup or log backup is restored on a warm standby server and the database is recovered.

MaxTransferSize MaxTransferSize MaxTransferSize

Gets or sets the largest unit of transfer in bytes to be used between the backup media and SQL Server.

PercentCompleteNotification PercentCompleteNotification PercentCompleteNotification

Gets or sets the percentage interval for PercentCompleteEventHandler event handler calls for individual Restore Operations.

RecoveryState RecoveryState RecoveryState

Gets or sets the recovery state.

ReplaceDatabase ReplaceDatabase ReplaceDatabase

Gets or sets SQL Server should create the specified database and its related files even if another database already exists with the same name

SetRestrictedUser SetRestrictedUser SetRestrictedUser

Gets or sets whether to restrict access for the newly restored database to members of the db_owner, dbcreator, or sysadmin roles.

StandByFile StandByFile StandByFile

Undo uncommitted transactions, but save the undo actions in a standby file that allows the recovery effects to be reversed.

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