RestorePlan RestorePlan RestorePlan Class


Represents a sequence of Database Restore operations which will recover a database to a particular state in a point in time.

public ref class RestorePlan
public class RestorePlan
Public Class RestorePlan


RestorePlan(Database) RestorePlan(Database) RestorePlan(Database)

Initializes a new instance of the RestorePlan class with specified database.

RestorePlan(Server) RestorePlan(Server) RestorePlan(Server)

Initializes a new instance of the RestorePlan class with specified server.

RestorePlan(Server, String) RestorePlan(Server, String) RestorePlan(Server, String)

Initializes a new instance of the RestorePlan class with specified server and database name.


AsyncStatus AsyncStatus AsyncStatus

Gets the status of most recent asynchronous operation including possible errors.

CloseExistingConnections CloseExistingConnections CloseExistingConnections

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to close existing connections.

DatabaseName DatabaseName DatabaseName

Gets or sets the name of the database.

RestoreAction RestoreAction RestoreAction

Gets and sets the type of the Restore action: Database,File,Log,Page.

RestoreOperations RestoreOperations RestoreOperations

Gets or sets the restore operations.

Server Server Server

Gets or sets the erver where the Restore plan executes.

TailLogBackupOperation TailLogBackupOperation TailLogBackupOperation

Gets or sets the tail log backup operation.


AddRestoreOperation(BackupSet) AddRestoreOperation(BackupSet) AddRestoreOperation(BackupSet)

Adds the restore operation with specified backup set to be restored.

AddRestoreOperation(List<BackupSet>) AddRestoreOperation(List<BackupSet>) AddRestoreOperation(List<BackupSet>)

Adds the restore operations with specified backup sets..

Execute() Execute() Execute()

Verifies and executes the Restore Plan.

ExecuteAsync() ExecuteAsync() ExecuteAsync()

Verifies and executes the Restore Plan async.

Script() Script() Script()

Verifies the Restore plan and scripts the operation.

SetRestoreOptions(RestoreOptions) SetRestoreOptions(RestoreOptions) SetRestoreOptions(RestoreOptions)

Sets the restore options.

Verify(Boolean) Verify(Boolean) Verify(Boolean)

Verifies the restore plan.


Complete Complete Complete

Occurs when the restore plan is completed.

Information Information Information

Occurs when the server sends information.

NextMedia NextMedia NextMedia

Occurs when the next media needs to be loaded.

NextRestore NextRestore NextRestore

Occurs when the next restore occurs.

PercentComplete PercentComplete PercentComplete

Occurs when the server sends percent complete information.

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