SynonymBaseType SynonymBaseType SynonymBaseType Enum


The SynonymBaseType enumeration contains constant values that specify the type of synonym.

public enum class SynonymBaseType
public enum SynonymBaseType
Public Enum SynonymBaseType


ClrAggregateFunction ClrAggregateFunction ClrAggregateFunction 12

Synonym is a CLR aggregate function.

ClrScalarFunction ClrScalarFunction ClrScalarFunction 10

Synonym is a CLR scalar function.

ClrStoredProcedure ClrStoredProcedure ClrStoredProcedure 9

Synonym is a CLR stored procedure.

ClrTableValuedFunction ClrTableValuedFunction ClrTableValuedFunction 11

Synonym is a common language runtime (CLR) table-value function.

ExtendedStoredProcedure ExtendedStoredProcedure ExtendedStoredProcedure 7

Synonym is an extended stored procedure.

None None None 0

No type.

ReplicationFilterProcedure ReplicationFilterProcedure ReplicationFilterProcedure 8

Synonym is a replication filter procedure.

SqlInlineTableValuedFunction SqlInlineTableValuedFunction SqlInlineTableValuedFunction 6

Synonym is a SQL Server inline table-value function.

SqlScalarFunction SqlScalarFunction SqlScalarFunction 4

Synonym is a SQL Server scalar function.

SqlStoredProcedure SqlStoredProcedure SqlStoredProcedure 3

Synonym is a SQL Server stored procedure.

SqlTableValuedFunction SqlTableValuedFunction SqlTableValuedFunction 5

Synonym is a Transact-SQL table valued function.

Table Table Table 1

Synonym is a table.

View View View 2

Synonym is a view.

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