DatabaseCompatibilityLevel DatabaseCompatibilityLevel DatabaseCompatibilityLevel Enum


Enumerates the SQL Server database compatibility levels.

public enum class DatabaseCompatibilityLevel
public enum DatabaseCompatibilityLevel
Public Enum DatabaseCompatibilityLevel


Current Current Current 0

Compatible with the latest version of SQL Server.

Version100 Version100 Version100 3

A database compatibility level of 100, or SQL Server 2008.

Version110 Version110 Version110 4

A database compatibility level of 110, or SQL Server 2012.

Version120 Version120 Version120 5

A database compatibility level of 120, or SQL Server 2014.

Version130 Version130 Version130 6
Version80 Version80 Version80 1

A database compatibility level of 80.

Version90 Version90 Version90 2

A database compatibility level of 90, or SQL Server 2005.


A compatibility level sets certain database behaviors to be compatible with the specified version of SQL Server. For more information, see ALTER DATABASE Compatibility Level (Transact-SQL).

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