IStatistics IStatistics IStatistics Interface


Represents a SQL Server statistics object.

public interface class IStatistics : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::SqlParser::Metadata::IMetadataObject
public interface IStatistics : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.Metadata.IMetadataObject
Public Interface IStatistics
Implements IMetadataObject


Columns Columns Columns

Gets the collection of columns that are participating in the statistics.

FilterDefinition FilterDefinition FilterDefinition

Gets the index filter definition text.

NoAutomaticRecomputation NoAutomaticRecomputation NoAutomaticRecomputation

Gets a value that indicates whether statistics are regenerated when the index is created.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the ITabular object that is the parent of this object.

Type Type Type

Gets the StatisticsType value that indicates type of statistics object.

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