SqlWizard SqlWizard SqlWizard Class


Provides the sql wizard.

public ref class SqlWizard : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::LocalizationManager, Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::IInitializable, Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::TaskForms::ISqlWizardInfo
[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCode("xsd", "4.0.30319.33440")]
public class SqlWizard : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.LocalizationManager, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IInitializable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.TaskForms.ISqlWizardInfo
Public Class SqlWizard
Inherits LocalizationManager
Implements IInitializable, ISqlWizardInfo


SqlWizard() SqlWizard() SqlWizard()

Initializes a new instance of the SqlWizard class.


Caption Caption Caption

Gets or sets the caption text for the object.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets the description of the specified object.

HeaderImage HeaderImage HeaderImage

Gets or sets the image that is displayed on the header.

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Gets or sets the value associated with the Help ID.

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ResourceManager ResourceManager ResourceManager

Gets or sets the string value for the ResourceManager control.

(Inherited from LocalizationManager)
Type Type Type

Gets or sets the type of the SqlWizard object.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IInitializable.Initialize(IServiceProvider) IInitializable.Initialize(IServiceProvider) IInitializable.Initialize(IServiceProvider)

Returns an initialized service provider for the object.

ISqlWizardInfo.Caption ISqlWizardInfo.Caption ISqlWizardInfo.Caption

Gets the value of the caption attribute.

ISqlWizardInfo.Description ISqlWizardInfo.Description ISqlWizardInfo.Description

Gets the description of the object instance.

ISqlWizardInfo.HeaderImage ISqlWizardInfo.HeaderImage ISqlWizardInfo.HeaderImage

Gets the image that is displayed on the header panel.

ISqlWizardInfo.Icon ISqlWizardInfo.Icon ISqlWizardInfo.Icon

Gets the wizard icon.

ISqlWizardInfo.Properties ISqlWizardInfo.Properties ISqlWizardInfo.Properties

Gets the additional properties specific to a particular wizard.

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